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Although OYOO, in the form of a web app is new, we’ve been working on creating a resource for a while now, which we hope will truly make a difference in the world. Before OYOO, we recognised that there wasn’t a well-known ‘go to’ resource to find local, ethical and sustainable businesses. We also noticed that despite there being so many ethical certifications in the world, not many of our friends or family knew about them or took notice of the logos on the back of items they were buying.

Do you recognise the bunny?

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Like so many other people, we also get frustrated with hearing about the world’s imminent doom. It’s depressing and pretty sobering when you realise that children under 10 year’s old now, by the time they’re in their 40’s, may never even see a living elephant in the wild or have to live off insects or some sort of weird man-made produce that will make everyone totally reliant on companies (like how we are with big pharmaceuticals).

We’re living in a world where big companies thrive on us needing them, they’re pretty scared about the ‘masses’ utilising what nature gives us i.e. the sun, wind and sea for energy, growing our own, getting healthy in a natural way rather than rely on drugs for long term health. It’s scaring the big boys and although we are seeing a change for the better in some industries – like the recent change from oil to renewable energy by a Norwegian giant – things aren’t happening fast enough.

So, how do we all truly make a difference? How can we not only improve the state of the planet, improve the welfare of animals but ultimately make the lives of every human walking this earth – healthier, happier and fairer?


The answer is pretty simple – it just takes all of us to be more conscious of what we’re buying and which services we use, every day.


Since 2011, we’ve been researching, planning and working out a way to help people find what they’re looking for, to make better choices and empower them to really make a difference and we’re not just talking about the environmentalists, or the ‘greenies’, we’re talking about everyday people.

OYOO is our answer to a problem which can be solved, by bringing everyone together, and making it convenient to choose plant-based cling-film instead of plastic, to try a vegan recipe every week, instead of giving in to the usual fish and chips Friday, to support your local farmer instead of shopping at a well-known supermarket chain.

Convenience is key, and that’s what OYOO will bring to everyone. It’ll also be a platform where you can learn, share and socialise. Today, there is so much noise, so many choices, OYOO will be your one place to find, communicate and do everything to make living in a sustainable way, the normal way to live.

Krissie Gwynne

Author Krissie Gwynne

I'm a co-founder of OYOO. I love living by the sea, walking my dogs on the beach and sharing life with my partner in beautiful, wild South Africa - discovering nature and food!

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