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The rise of natural and sustainable living

On the rise are new entrepreneurs who care about the ingredients in their skincare ranges and consumers who demand natural, chemical-free beauty products.

Going back to basics and cutting out all the nasties in our beauty products is becoming the new trend. What is becoming very unpopular is supporting expensive skincare brands or buying perfumes that contains harmful chemicals as well as test on animals. Are we really prepared to pay top dollar to support such companies?

Luckily, there are many natural beauty, skincare and hygiene companies listed on OYOO located in countries all over the world to make it convenient for you to find them and support them.


Let’s talk about cosmetics. We all want to look good but why not look good and feel good knowing that the cosmetics we use are not tested on animals? With so much choice out there, we really have no reason not to. Let’s support companies like NakeysaNaturals based in the USA that produce cruelty-free cosmetics. Ethical certifications such as Beauty without Cruelty, Cruelty Free International, Choose Cruelty Free and The International Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark & Certification Programme (POFCAP) also help us to identify which cosmetics are not animal tested, so look out for their logo’s when you next purchase your cosmetics.


Our ever expanding community of OYOO listed businesses for cruelty-free, organic or vegan skincare brands, currently includes: Enphasis Skincare, Origins of Beauty, The PÜRE Collection, Heavenly Organics Skin Care, Apothaka Skincare, Evolve Beauty, Orchard View Naturals, cut. le. crap., Beauty Naturals, Ezápé Naturals, and Vera-Bee all made in the UK, or Artysud in France.

We are constantly looking out for more businesses, please send us your suggestions or if you are a business, why not join our tribe too and add your business for free!

Natural Soap

Natural, handmade soaps are also becoming very popular with lots of new companies emerging globally. Plastic-free, biodegradable and plant-based there’s really no reason not to make the change – even your pocket gets a break as bar soaps are pretty reasonable in comparison to their bottle filled equivalents. If you are in America, check out Ecology Soap, LLC featuring certified organic ingredients, fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients, or Circle Soaps’ range of handmade, cold-process soaps using organic, plant-based ingredients and based in Switzerland. In the UK there are companies such as CLARITY, BECO.and The Soap Co  to name but a few, all offering their own range of natural soaps.

Feminine Hygiene

Do you realise the environmental impact that feminine hygiene products have? With so much hidden plastic in these disposable items it is really quite harmful to the environment, especially when you consider how many women are on the planet and how much we menstruate during our life. With so many eco-friendly feminine hygiene products now available on the market we really have no reason to continue using single-use sanitary ware products. You can choose from reusable menstrual cups, to reusable sanitary pads or menstruation knickers, so you will soon find your perfect fit. If you’re after organic and biodegradable feminine hygiene products in South Africa have a look at Sheba Feminine.


Most people aren’t aware that ordinary roll-on or deodorant is full of parabens and SLS which can be absorbed through your armpits into your body. As a healthier alternative, why not try a natural, vegan, cruelty-free solution such as Fit Pit, available from The Green Woman, UK.

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