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In a perfect world, we would all like to think that life, would be as easy as apple pie!

However, in the real world, most of us spend far too much time juggling our time and energy and, if you are anything like me, struggling to cope as, distractions, bills, commitments, over commitments, career, family and life seem to demand more than we sometimes have to give.

So how can we find the time and energy to green our lives, whilst ensuring that we don’t end up living in the dark and knitting our own pasta?

Switch off

One of the easiest things we can all do is switch off, and I am not just talking about unplugging our many electronic gadgets and gizmos, I mean, really switching off from the ‘connected’ world and taking a digital detox.
It may sound scary, but taking time out from our many devices and screens, is one of the easiest things we can do to benefit our health and well-being.
In just a matter of years, we have all become a little too addicted to our many electronic devices and, like all addictions, we need to break the habit, regain control and reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones and the world.
Unplugging from the connected world, is one of the easiest ways we can begin to immerse ourselves in our surroundings and focus our minds. As, according to scientists, our attention span is under threat! evidence suggests, that we are unable to finish ‘tasks’ in an orderly or timely fashion, as all too often we are distracted by our phones.

Social media

We may not realise it, but the seemingly insignificant notifications that we are bombarded with, actually trigger a release of ‘dopamine’ a stimulant that is actually helping to get us hooked on a ‘reward’ and ‘validation’ pattern of behaviour and, when we remove these social notifications or triggers, instances of anxiety and depression increase and that is not good news for anyone…

The social media channels that have taken over our spare time and thoughts are, in effect, adding to a growing sense of isolation, negativity and despair that are making us unhappy.

And, if these affect us, imagine what they are doing to our children! Look out for ways you can help the young people in your life deal with the many demands that social media places on them.

Go tech-free

So, if we want to live a life of purpose, one of the easiest things we can all do is to set limits – make your evenings tech-free, choose to switch off, learn to unplug and rediscover the art of conversation, invite your friends or family to supper, make weekends tech-free zones, who knows you may even discover that there is life beyond the bright screen and in time, you may actually enjoy some digital-free, real-time…

Pull the plug

So do a digital detox today… Pulling the plug on our many electrical devices and chargers will not just help us save energy. It will significantly reduce the amount of energy we waste in our homes and buildings and that is good news for our pockets and fantastic news for the environment too. Our homes and buildings account for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), so why not get energy smart today?

Whatever you do take time to switch off and be the start of a new conversation. Say hello to somebody new.

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