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The ability to give thanks every day to all those that we know and love is just one thing we can all do to make a difference to our world.

When people talk about making a difference to the world it can seem like an impossible task. Yet, in truth, making a difference is within reach of each and everyone one of us. When we appreciate all that we have and are grateful to all those that we love, our lives become richer. The ability to appreciate the present moment and appreciate everything we have enables us to start living a more fulfilling life.

A life where we have a new sense of purpose and recognize that not everything can be bought or measured and that true happiness is sometimes found in some of life’s most simple pleasures.

When we appreciate our lives, we can help others learn to appreciate theirs by giving them our understanding and in doing so, we can help them discover that life really is more precious than they may have first realized..

Remember, every day before you get up, give thanks to everything you have and everyone you love and you will soon find your life becomes richer.

Why not reach out and help someone today and if you have a song in your heart let it out and sing!

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