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Cut hay and mix it with anthill soil (or fire cement).


After 3 days you then mix the soil with water and create a 3cm high by 1m wide step structure with a PVC pipe or banana stem, laid through the middle (this will be removed later and should be oiled before placing).


The PVC pipe will allow the creation of a hollow for the fire, to enable air flow and good burning. Remove once the clay is dry.


You then build up the rest of the stove, making two holes for pots to sit in and a chimney over the one end of the hollow pipe space.


Once you've completed the stove, you then cover it with dry grass to drain the water particles for 7 days. Then you can begin to use it! These kind of stoves helps to reduce the amount of wood needed to cook or braai. You can use dry small sticks and twigs.

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