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The Peace December Uganda Permaculture Project

Peace December Uganda is a grassroots non-profit organisation, located in Butambala, Kampala and founded by Ali Tebandeke.

Working in his community, Ali aims to empower local small-scale urban farmers by helping them to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to protect their livelihoods by introducing them to permaculture practices.

Ali’s grandfather, also a farmer Mustapha Mumbala inspired him.

Due to climate change there is an urgency to restore the earth and achieve resilience among households, communities and organisations. Growing healthy food is very important in our design system for livelihoods.

Ali TebandekePeace December Uganda

With the Peace December Uganda project, Ali wants to create a new way of thinking amongst small-scale urban farmers. He has his learning center in Butambala where he does a lot of his training but he also works with urban farmers in Nateete to help improve the lives of those that live in the ghettos and suburbs of Kampala.

In Uganda, 83% of the population live in rural areas and they rely on the land for their livelihood. Ali wants to help the farmers understand that proper land management techniques and permaculture practices are essential to combat the threat of soil erosion and degradation as well as climate changes such as drought.

Because farming across Uganda is mostly rain-dependent it creates a challenging environment for the small-scale farmers as changing weather conditions can cause them not to meet growing demands for their crops.

Through permaculture principles he is showing them that they can achieve greater yields and be able to grow a greater variety of food to secure their future as well as protect the land. Due to permaculture being regenerative and restorative it protects and conserves the soil, allowing biodiversity to flourish.

Furthermore, through the provision of life skills such as showing the community how to build an eco rocket stove which is cheap to make and very efficient to us, he is helping to improve opportunities for the youth of the country.

Ali believes that some of the many the benefits of growing your own food includes creating abundance and sustainability, securing peace and improving healthy lifestyles amongst his people.

Help Ali raise funds to purchase land for their Butambala Permaculture Learning Centre

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