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What is Earth Probiotic?

Earth Probiotic develops food waste composting solutions in South Africa. By utilising recycled and up-cycled waste materials, Earth Probiotic prides itself on reducing its own and its customers’ carbon footprint.

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As a “Proudly South African” company, Earth Probiotic focuses on local sourcing and skills development. Founded in 2010 the company’s solutions have been implemented across Southern Africa and in thousands of eco-positive households across South Africa.

All Earth Probiotic products are non-toxic, fully biodegradable, and non-GMO. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing products that are simple, easy to use, robust, and deliver real value for money.

Earth Probiotic is an earth-conscious company and is mindful of our products and packaging not contributing to landfill. Our products are either made from compostable material or from recycled plastic.

We are easy to work with, accurate and professional, and always available to educate, assist and support our customers, whether you’re a business or an individual.

Why Bokashi your food waste?

All food waste can be ‘bokashi’d’ including cooked and uncooked meat, sea food, small bones, dairy, onions, etc.

Bokashi composting isn’t smelly
Bokashi ferments food waste so that it doesn’t smell rotten. Instead it has a similar smell to beer or cider.

Bokashi Composting Made Easy
Using a bokashi bin is really easy. Add food waste into the bin. Add Earth Bokashi microbe mix. Close the lid. And you’re done!

Lots of Ways to Compost
Trench the contents direclty into your soil. Add it to your compost heap (the fermented contents are a great activator). Feed the contents to your worm farm; including the stuff you wouldn’t normally feed them like cooked food, acidic food, onions, etc.

Save Municipal Resources
By composting at home, you can reduce your household’s contribution to filling up landfills while also reducing your municipal collection load.

Bokashi Tea
During fermentation the contents of a bokashi bin release a leachate (“tea”) which can be used, diluted, as a liquid fertiliser. Or, undiluted, as a drain cleaner.

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