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11 Super easy edible indoor plants

If you live in a town or city and have no outside space to call your own the thought of being able to grow your own may just seem implausible but the reality is there are many herbs, plants and vegetables that love being indoors, including super tasty micro herbs like cress and pea shoots that not only taste great but provide almost instant results.

How you can reap the benefits of growing your own on a windowsill, balcony or window box

Healthy plants need healthy soil so start your growing journey with a good organic or all-purpose potting soil. Like all plants, remember to let the light shine – although your plants may be indoors, most love being in a nice sunny spot!  But if your home lacks an abundance of natural light, eco-friendly grow lights can help as they maintain optimal light and temperature for your veg regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Read our 10 Steps to Growing Success

Here are our top 11 edible indoor plants:



From tomatoes that love to drape from hanging baskets, to small upright varieties, like the 'Red Robin', tomatoes are just one of our top ten vegetables to grow indoors.


Believe it or not, carrots, especially short and round varieties like 'Thumbelina' and 'Little Finger', can be grown indoors in 6-inch deep pots.


If you love avocado on toast or just want a little guacamole in your day-to-day life, then why not try your hand at growing your own. For the best results, buy yourself a dwarf-avocado plant from your local nursery.


Not just packed full of vitamin C, a 2-3 year old dwarf lemon tree, is a beautiful addition to any home. Warning, patience is required, as it can take up to 9 months for young trees to produce fruit.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to mist the air around your tree, as citrus plants love moist air.


Garlic greens

Yes, although growing garlic indoors is not that easy, garlic greens are a nutritious addition to any indoor garden. Simply plant a few withered or small bulbs and use the green shoots like spring onions (Scallions).

Salad leaves

With so many fabulous leafy varieties to choose from why not try planting a selection of seeds or young plants. Don’t forget, when harvesting your lettuce only pick the outer leaves so that your plants can continue to grow and produce an abundance of tasty leaves.


No kitchen is complete without the incredibly aromatic basil, a herb that just loves a sunny spot and, one that, with regular watering and well drained soil will just keep giving. So grow some today.

Spring onions

If you are not that keen to plant garlic greens, why not opt to grow your own tasty spring onion (scallions). Simply remove the tops and plant the bulb in some potting earth, after just a few days you will see green shoots emerging.


Delicious to eat and super easy to grow. Choose varieties that produce round bulbs, rather than tubes like the fabulous 'Ping-Pong' and 'Cherry Belle' varieties.


What can be tastier than delicious beet leaves and baby beets harvested throughout the year? Opt for varieties like, the gardeners favourite, 'Detroit Dark Red' or 'Golden Boy'. For best results, plant in pots or containers of at least 10 inches deep.


We couldn’t omit ginger, a herb widely considered to be a true ‘superfood’, and one that is also recognised for its incredible healing properties. A great digestive tonic, and ginger tea is widely drunk to ease an upset stomach and aid digestion. It is also believed to have soothing properties that can actually help ease joint pain, so why not discover more abut this incredible root and grow your own. The great news is ginger is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. All you need is a piece of ginger, place in your container or pot with the freshest buds towards you and cover with soil. Keep moist and sit back and wait for your new shoots to grow.

If you’ve had some indoor ‘grow your own’ success, why not share your story with the OYOO tribe!

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