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10 Reasons to Start Foraging

Foraging is fast becoming a new trend, in rural areas, but also in urban areas! Collecting wild food in the outdoors is a fun and educational activity which you can enjoy with the whole family, so why not give it a go?

Here are some examples of plants that are easily available and medicinal.

10 reasons to start foraging


Expand your knowledge

Purchase some books on foraging and start learning about wild plants and its uses, which you can forage in your local area.

Re-connect with nature

Foraging allows you to spend time outdoors in nature and gets you away from your computer screen.

It’s good for your health

We all know that spending time in nature is good for your health as it reduces our stress levels.

Get experimental in the kitchen

Trying out new recipe ideas with your foraged foods can get the creative juices flowing and excite your taste buds!

Discover medicinal plants

Foraging can also set you on the path to discovering medicinal plants which can open up a whole new world.

Lower your carbon footprint

As your foraged foods doesn’t carry any airmiles you are doing something postive for the environment.

Saves you money

You’ll be surprised at the variety of foraged foods you can find, which means less spending at the grocers!

Guaranteed organic produce

Foraged foods grow wild and have not been tampered or sprayed with pesticides.

Gets you fit

Foraging for wild foods is good exercise and much more fun than going to the gym.

Field to fork

Your wild foraged foods are extra nutritious as they are freshly picked and in season.

We are lucky enough to live by the sea and have recently enjoyed a great coastal foraging experience where we learned about what and how to forage along the shoreline. Why not check out what foraging courses are available in your area? Spending time in nature and discovering new plants will make us appreciate Mother Nature again. Let’s treat her with respect and love all creatures that she has given life to and only take what we need.

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