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Green, Natural, Organic, Botanical….. we see these words plastered all over skincare and fragrance nowadays. But is it just a marketing ploy, with little in the way of “real” ingredients? How do you know who to trust?

Many of us are seeking to cut down on the synthetic “fog” that surrounds us. With small independents popping up everywhere and multi-million pound brands launching their own versions of “natural” and “organic”, how do you know what is really ethical? Is there just 1% of “natural” in the product or is it packed with vital, active ingredients?

Lucy Stevens has been working with botanicals and aromatics since she launched OV naturals in 2007. OV stands for “Orchard View”, her home where the business was started.

Boutique skincare and fragrance range

Having trained extensively, researched meticulously and held on to her belief in “natural can be transformational”, Lucy launched her own boutique skincare and fragrance range in the UK in 2011 and has given hundreds of treatments with her OV naturals products. She sees first-hand the difference they make and hears from her customers regularly on how the products are working for them.

While tiny businesses like OV naturals can’t afford to go through a certification process, you can rest assured that Lucy is honest and open about her ingredients.

  • Everything in the OV naturals range is handmade and Vegan (except for the Organic Moisturiser which contains beeswax and is made for OV naturals by a third party)
  • Ingredients are in plain English and you can see the natural and organic % of every product clearly
  • Products are compliant with Cosmetic Legislation, so you can rest assured they are safe to use on your skin, having been assessed by a qualified Cosmetic Chemist.

Lucy has used glass containers from the outset and minimises environmental impact where she can, for example, by printing leaflets on recycled paper, using reclaimed and recycled packaging materials and sourcing locally as much as possible.

“By supporting small businesses, we can really make a difference, drive change and continue to thrive on diversity and innovation.”

OV naturals – safe, effective, honest and precious, loved by Lucy’s therapy clients and those brave enough to take a gamble on the “little guy”.

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