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Bringing you a range of eco-friendly and zero-waste goods to help you live a more waste-free and sustainable life.

Friendly Turtle zero waste online shop UK

Learning about the negative impacts that plastic has on our environment was the start of Friendly Turtle. With the realisation that every piece of plastic ever made was still in existence somewhere on this planet today was a massive wake up call. Little did we know at the time, but our journey towards living a more sustainable life was also the beginning of Friendly Turtle too.

All our items are ethical and eco-conscious.

Starting with just a few reusable water bottles and coffee cups, Friendly Turtle has quickly grown into a shop with hundreds of items from organic and natural beauty products to sustainable alternatives and many other everyday items for your home.

With a strong stance on ethics, we’re also able to support fair trade and local communities through the work with our brands. We ensure all our brands are working towards a greater good in much the same way we are. This means doing our research into their manufacturing processes so we can promise our customers that what they are buying from our shop really is ethical and eco-conscious.

We try and support the little guys too- local businesses within the UK, working with and supporting local communities. That’s our promise. And that’s our point of difference.

With more and more people changing their shopping habits and the way they shop, we really believe we can turn around the current, sorry state of our environment with a little time.

“Our drive to help others create positive change is what pushes us to do what we do.”

We’re all fast learning that the convenience we’ve been enjoying for so long is no longer viable nor sustainable. Ditch the single-use and switch to one of the many reusable and sustainable alternatives out there, and bit by bit, we really can create some positive change.

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