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Holistic Practitioner – Bringing an Integrated Approach to Wellbeing that leads to the highest levels of contentment and health.

Dora De Almeida Prado is a Holistic Therapist that brings a unique and integrated approach to her clients’ wellbeing. With Dora’s vast expertise and diverse training, they no longer have to visit a multitude of different practitioners and can be treated with one expert, under one roof.

Looking far beyond their physical health, Dora looks into her clients’ inner self, which comprises of their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Then, once the full picture has emerged, she treats them using practices, techniques and holistic therapies such as Theta Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Tuning Forks, Meditation Guidance, Deeksha and Yin Yoga.

With Dora’s expert guidance, credentials and knowledge, her clients can say goodbye to negative conditions such as chronic stress, lack of memory and melancholy by increasing their emotional awareness and self-consciousness. Then, with this newfound enlightenment, they can live a life that’s clearer, calmer and more balanced.

Dora’s services include:

  • Personal development – life coaching, holistic coaching, spiritualist, psychotherapy
  • Bach Flower Remedies – helps to harmonize emotional states and personality traits that are out of balance.
  • ThetaHealing – Feeling stuck? Held back by limiting beliefs? Family ties? ThetaHealing can help you re-program your mind to a new paradigm and also clear your energy field for you to grow and thrive.
  • Deeksha Oneness Blessing – an energy transfer from India, similar to Reiki, but only the crown Chakra receives the transfer and it is VERY powerful.  It frees the senses from the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and spontaneous feelings of love, joy, peace, and inner silence. It dissolves negative life patterns, releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitates deep emotional and physical healing.

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