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We want to offer you a selection of honest skincare products that we have tested and designed with love, but more importantly, ones that we trust. We feel like saying one thing: “cut.le.crap.”

cut. le. crap. founders

It all started in 2016 when we switched to a lifestyle free from products containing harmful chemicals. We have both been conscious of our impact on the environment and have always called ourselves “eco-warriors”!

The biggest impact on us was when a vegetarian couple stayed with us. This opened our eyes to a world we had always chosen to ignore but one we knew was there. We watched many documentaries that really started us questioning a lot of things.

From that moment on we started being more mindful about our meat consumption, trying to take less part in this shameful industry, to the point now, where we have chosen a vegan lifestyle. What was obvious to us is that the industries that push products to the masses have lots of secrets.

And the house of cards effect started.

All our ingredients are all 100% natural, free from toxins and safe.

Our range of skincare products are packed full of nutrient and vitamin rich ingredients, ensuring a healthy skin and body, with no toxins.

Natural ingredients have essential properties that will protect your skin and body, inside and out. Some are supreme on their own, like Pure Cacay or Organic Rosehip. We cold press them into an oil, providing extreme benefits to the skin that’s 100% natural.

We also combine the best of nature together. Jojoba oil. Olive oil. Lemon peel (that’s what goes in our body oil).

Other favourites are apricot, avocado, argan, coconut oils and shea butter. We chose them for their many properties. Tried, trusted and used for centuries. They had to be in our range.

Ingredients with unique benefits, blended together or on their own. It’s what makes our stuff so damn good. For you and the environment.

We are trying to take green packaging to the maximum. We are using glass, aluminium and plant-based plastic. They are all recyclable. You can also leave the labels on as they are biodegradable!

“I cannot wait for the day when sustainability will be an expectation and not a choice.”
Maya, Founder of cut.le.crap.

We are all about natural skin and body care. Our ingredients are the heroes. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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