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The words printed on a t-shirt encourage people to strike up conversations with strangers, have the power to change the minds and opinions of people, and even have the potential to change the world.

T-shirt activism has become increasingly popular and our everyday tee has become the new billboard of our generation.

I wanted to be a walking billboard for veganism, and provide tees and hoodies for other people who wanted to do the same. Excited, and quite naïve, I began my journey. But when I started to research options it led me to the dark side of the clothing industry. Fast fashion. Cheap tees. Slave labour. Environmental destruction. I realised that my journey could not just be about the exploitation and cruelty of animals, but had to include the exploitation of human beings and the destruction of the environment. And so Conscious Being EcoWear was born. An ethical clothing brand that wasn’t just a few words of activism on the front of a cheap t-shirt, but a brand that stood up for all the injustices in the world.

When making a garment we consider the following points

  • We never use animal products – why exploit animals when there are so many great alternatives
  • We always ensure that the crops for the fabric are grown
    • Ethically – farmers get a living wage, no sweat shops or child labour
    • Sustainably – growing the crops doesn’t destroy the land and isn’t heavy on natural resources, like water
    • With little or no use of chemical pesticides
The manufacturing and dying of the fabric is:

  • Ethical – no sweat shops or child labour, and fair wages for all
  • Eco-conscious – using closed or semi-closed loop dying systems to reduce water pollution
  • We support local as far as possible in the growing of the crops, manufacturing and dying of the fabric, and production of the garments
  • The final production and printing of the garments is local, ethical, and eco-friendly

We use our brand to bring awareness to exploitation, pollution and environmental destruction, healthy living, inequality, and all other areas of injustice. My favourite quote by Maya Angelou sums it up perfectly

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

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Conscious Being is about learning, growing, and becoming a better version of you through conscious living. As a consumer we have so much more power than we realise. Choose wisely. Because your choices matter. You can now buy your clothing from us on OYOO Market, see our latest items below:

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