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Award-winning no-nonsense skincare, handmade in small batches in the UK. Light but nourishing textures, divine scents.

I’m really passionate about creating purposeful and effective formulations which support healthy skin, and having a “less is more” approach to skincare. I’m also on a mission to quash skincare myths, particularly when it comes to scare-mongering about skincare ingredients.

To me, being ethical isn’t just about our impact on the environment and on people, but also about how brands market their products – honestly, with transparency and built upon knowledge from reputable sources.

Multi award-winning supportive skincare for healthy skin.

Apothaka® products are about improving the way skin looks and feels but also about enjoying the experience of using them: like bringing a bit of the spa experience at home for those moments of self-care.

I currently have a few core products in my range but my aim is to develop a complete but focused skincare routine which allows you to keep things simple and doesn’t overwhelm you!

I have carefully selected ingredients that support a healthy skin barrier and all are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

I have a special fragrance free range for sensitive skin, something that’s not very common amongst natural skincare brands.

“Skincare shouldn’t be complicated or sold on fear”.

I use recyclable packaging for my products as well as for shipping them.

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