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Through life's experiences and her love for children, Patti Blamire has written a book and developed workshops for purposeful parenting.

In these About Building Character workshops we explore and create a solid parenting framework.

Looking at:

  • The benefits of guiding our children with clarity and confidence
  • Who we would ideally like to be as a parent
  • What we envisage for our children now and into their future
  • And how we can make a clear and workable plan to do all of the above.

We consider ideas that cover consistency, routine, consequences and guidance methods.

We look at the importance of children feeling that they truly belong in their ‘tribe’ and why; I share my stories and so much more…

By the end of this +/- three-and-a-half hour workshop you will have worked out your intentions, hopes and desires for who you want to be as a parent, as well as how you can guide your children to become happy and fulfilled adults.

Create a solid foundation for you and your family into the future and know that your work now, will positively affect many generations to come.

“I look forward to offering you ideas to consider while you create your plan towards a joyful parenting journey.”

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