Hastings Open Top Bus


Stagecoach South East approached us to help them with the branding of their livery for a new open-top service in Hastings. The brief was to come up with a design that will appeal to a young audience, to showcase the attractions in the town and encourage visitors to hop on the bus to get around.


Hastings Open Top Bus


Stagecoach South East

What We Did

Logo, Illustration, Branding, Print and Digital

As the bus is an open-top bus and the attractions were by the coast, we decided to turn the bus into a ship! The windows have been turned into portholes and so when you’re inside the bus you can look out. Around the bus you’ll see children highlighting an attraction.

Creating a design from photo stock

To create the montage and overall design, we used stock imagery and a mixture of attraction imagery. The process was fun and we enjoyed creating a surreal scene to make the bus fun and appealing to children.

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