Elixir Produce


Stuart and Andy approached us for help as a start-up in the production of micro-greens. They wanted the brand to fit their name ‘Elixir Produce’. We went for a style which matched their personalities: approachable, professional and quirky. As well as create a logo, we were asked to build an e-commerce website, create imagery and a businesscard for their new business venture.


Elixir Produce Branding and Website


Elixir Produce

What We Did

Branding, e-commerce website, logo and imagery

The concept behind the logo was to modernise the shape of a micro-green sprouting. Most micro-greens start off looking the same, so we figured this a good place to start for inspiration. The colour green had to be used for immediate recognition and the gold was inspired by the meaning and association with the word elixir. The font we chose is quite antique in style but with a modern twist. This was to give the logo and brand a feel of longevity and trust. The imagery enhances the feel of fun, and that micro-greens are easy to grow anywhere.

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