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OYOO Market is a free global, online, ethical marketplace to sell planet-friendly, sustainable, artisan or upcycled goods. Connecting traders, certifications and customers that care about creating a fair and healthier planet for every living being. JOIN OYOO and APPLY
Sustainable EMPOWERING SMALL TRADERS There’s something to say about finding your tribe. In this world of consumerism it can feel overwhelming being a business that puts the environment, people and animals ahead of profits and growth. OYOO Earth connects small businesses like this from all over the world. Being a part of this platform makes us feel like we are a part of a tribe, and being part of this tribe gives us hope that there is a future where our planet, her people and her animals are a priority in everyone’s lives. OYOO Earth allows conscious businesses like mine to say “We may be small, but together we can accomplish great things." This is why I have chosen to be an OYOO trader.

- Candice Blom of Conscious Being EcoWear
By making OYOO free to join and list as a trader, small businesses get to keep overheads low and only pay a fee when a sale is made. JOIN OYOO and APPLY No listing
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Every trader has their own shopfront. Add products, review orders, organise shipping, view sales reports and create coupons through the trader dashboard. OYOO customers can also contact you direct through your shopfront. JOIN OYOO and APPLY OF YOUR
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