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I’m sure, if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with Greta Thunberg – a very brave and strong teenager with words that should motivate any world leader to take our global situation seriously. However, with all of the climate change activism taking place around the world, our world leaders still don’t take it seriously. Instead, leaders just talk, make false promises, tick meaningless boxes and put money first.

If governments took our climate disaster and accelerating progression to mass extinction seriously they should:

  1. ban further exploration of fossil fuels globally
  2. ban factory farming globally
  3. invest in renewable energy
  4. make recycling compulsory around the world
  5. ban single-use plastics globally
  6. make it illegal to produce single-use plastics (unless they can be recycled)
  7. include within ALL education systems around the world the importance of ecosystems, food production and the human impact on our planet
  8. start talking about human population and how we can empower women so that family sizes decrease globally
  9. review all industries that pollute the planet with man-made waste products i.e. the fashion industry, nuclear power industry, technology industry, transport industry, food industry. (If waste is not reusable or recyclable then they must be banned)
  10. research better ways to live for the future, sustainably and alongside wildlife/nature.

So, how will OYOO come into all of this? How can it possibly help?

Well, we believe that OYOO offers four major assets to everyone in the world:

  1. OYOO is the ethical answer to all of the current social media platforms in the world. We use 100% renewable energy servers to run our website (check yours) – currently, the internet is responsible for 1 billion tonnes of greenhouses gasses per year.  We also believe it is important to create a safe space online, where people can interact without worrying they’re being spied on or their data is being used to manipulate them – this is why OYOO is free of advertising.
  2. OYOO is a global platform and will be a resource for everyone in the world to access sustainable and ethical businesses they can support locally and globally. By supporting these businesses we are fighting against unethical companies who are not planet-friendly or sustainable. Please join us and list for free today if you’re an ethical/sustainable business.
  3. OYOO will give everyone access to learning about sustainable and ethical living. The transition to changing from a consumer that is ignorant of their impact on the planet, to one who is fully aware and is active in making a change, is not an easy transition by any means. We want to be there for everyone, as a guide, on their journey to living a sustainable life as much as possible in respect to location and economic means. Everyone will be able to look up events, join/create groups, find recipes and tips. We also encourage the whole community to share their own journey stories.
  4. OYOO is a one-stop space to learn about ethical certifications that help make a difference in changing our world. By buying products carrying these certification marks we support planet-friendly practices. We’ll also be adding good causes to support. You’ll notice OYOO is quite tribal as a brand, this is on purpose as we plan to highlight indigenous tribes of the world, the real conservationists, to learn from them and share their own struggles against modern threats such as climate change, deforestation and land encroachment.

OYOO has only just started

Yes, we’re new but we have big plans and believe that it’s time for decency and fairness to take charge of the world. It’s early days but we’re growing, as we’re asking everyone to join us for free and help build one global tribe for natural living. Let’s stand by Greta together and start changing now.

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  • Angela Ju Angela Ju says:

    I think it’s great that you’re providing a one-stop shop for ethical certifications. It’s often difficult to keep up with these as they often differ by region.

    • Yes, exactly, that’s what we found 10 years ago when we realised that ethical certifications even existed! So, educating through OYOO will hopefully help people recognise the logos on the back of packaging – and teach people to even look out for them!

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