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OYOO is excited to partner up with Tribal Wisdom to bring you ancient wisdom traditions.

“Together we can save the world, alone we can’t.”

– Saurabh Chaudhari

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With Tribal Wisdom’s connections to Indigenous and traditional knowledge holders, they can tap into the knowledge of the elders to share their stories, practices, and wisdom with the rest of the world, and what better place to facilitate this than on OYOO? Membership is free and all tribe members get access to free knowledge sharing such as those shared by Tribal Wisdom. We are also aiming to facilitate indigenous artisans to sell their crafts on the OYOO Market, which will allow them to access our community who want to support grassroots, planet-caring businesses.

Traditional knowledge gets passed on from generation to generation and is preserved through language, arts and crafts, rituals, songs, dance and healing practices. It is imperative that we preserve Indigenous wisdom and that we stay close to the source by sharing stories created by the wisdom keepers themselves. There is so much to learn from these communities as they have lived off the land in a sustainable way for thousands of years and their knowledge may play a key factor in restoring the world.

Tribal Wisdom is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers who are passionate about keeping this precious knowledge alive and sharing it with the world. By connecting knowledge holders with one another and to wisdom seekers they aim to inspire different ways of living and instill change in the way we think in the hope of creating a healthy relationship between humans and the earth.

Through our partnership, we hope to share many of these traditional wisdoms with our members and our first collaboration will be in honour of the upcoming Solstice happening Sunday 20 June.  Later in the year, we plan to focus on the traditions around the Lunar cycle.

If you are interested in learning from the wisdom keepers themselves, then join us on OYOO (if you haven’t already) to stay updated on upcoming events. We believe the first step in healing our planet, is to heal humanity by reconnecting us to nature and to reignite this within the developed world, by bringing indigenous knowledge back to where it belongs – at the forefront of our learning.

Join OYOO today, and become part of one global tribe for natural living.

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