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Who can join OYOO?

Anyone and everyone that cares and wants to make a difference to our planet. We are all in this together and our company structure will reflect this. We want to give back and help others – and to do that we want to create a safe, fair and kind community who share our vision.

Why should I join OYOO?

Joining OYOO is a way to meet other like-minded people. It’s a free, 100% green hosted social network, business directory and ethical marketplace where members can find and support global, sustainable, ethical businesses all in one place.

Furthermore, you can gain access to our private forums, share ideas, give feedback and find out first about investment opportunities as OYOO gains momentum.

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Who can add a business?

Anyone who owns a business that is deemed ethical or sustainable can join OYOO. We do have different levels of requirements for each type of business. Our listing criteria is based upon known certifications but also the business’ own efforts. For example, our minimum requirement for any animal product is a certification of RSPCA Assured (meat produce).

What is the business listing criteria?

Please note we do not permit any pyramid schemes or MLM based businesses on OYOO.

No factory farmed meat or testing on animals are permitted on OYOO.

If any listings are found to not adhere to our terms and conditions, or listing criteria we reserve the right to remove them from the Directory with immediate effect and without a refund.

Please see our minimum criteria to list:

Businesses not certified can be accepted via OYOOs own rating system. Users will also be able to rate businesses. Negative comments will be investigated and if valid, a business will be removed from OYOO.

By joining OYOO and listing your business you agree to take part in our competitions and offer discounts to OYOO users.

Food & Drink

We support cruelty-free, organic, free-range, grass-fed, sustainably sourced and planet-friendly produce.

  • All listings must provide proof of certification via licence code or chain of custody numbers (where relevant)
  • RSPCA Assured Certification (or equivalent) is our minimum requirement for any animal products
  • Eggs must be graded 0 – 1 (free-range organic)

Shopping & Services

We support cruelty-free, fair labour, organic, sustainably sourced, planet-friendly products and services

  • Proof of certification membership via a licence code or chain of custody number (where relevant)
  • If not a member of a certification body, then provide proof of use of ethical products or processes (where relevant)


We support ethical practices that use natural, organic, sustainably sourced products

  • Providing licence code or chain of custody number of a certification body listed (where relevant)
  • If not a member of a certification body, our minimum requirements are the use of ethical products such as organic, natural or cruelty-free (where relevant)
  • Wellbeing is a category which mainly lists individuals or groups that offer health services such as yoga, pilates, life coaching etc. The inclusion of this type of business in our directory is to promote general wellbeing, and so the certification bodies listed may not be relevant.

Why should I add my business now?

It is important for us to build an ethical business community and through our social network, businesses can find connections and network with each other. But, most of all we want to have a directory of sustainable / ethical businesses whom OYOO members can support, all in one place.

Are there any joining fees?

There are no fees or payment required to join OYOO. This Site’s purpose is to make ethical and sustainable living easy and accessible for all by creating a community of like-minded members to support each other.

Traders selling their products on our online market will be charged a 12% fee per sale. As a trader, they will have their own trader account to manage sales, orders and shipping.

Can I add a business if I registered as an every day user?

Yes, you can. If you registered as an everyday user but now want to list your business, please email us at [email protected] with a link to your user profile. We will change your user role to a business owner and then you will be able to list your business.

How do I become a verified business?

When you list your business on OYOO we must first approve your listing. If we are happy that you meet our requirements of being an ethical, planet-friendly and sustainable business you will automatically be verified. You can also apply to be verified by selecting ‘request verification’ under ‘my profile’.

If your business is already listed on OYOO but haven’t been verified, please be patient, we are working our way through this process to make sure all businesses are verified.

How do I update my business location?

If you are a trader you can change your location in your trader profile by going to the ‘trader area’, ‘trader profile’ and then under ‘front page’ update your location.

Businesses listed on OYOO can change their location in ‘my profile’ under the ‘about’ tab. Your location will show up on the map in your profile so members will be able to see it. If you don’t want your exact location to be displayed on the map you can leave out your street number but your country of residence must be disclosed.

Does my business address have to be public?

For business listings to show up on the OYOO map, they must supply at minimum the country they are located in. The more information you provide, the more accurate your listing will appear on the map. If you are an online shop and you don’t want to be found on the map, then don’t disclose your address, or don’t include the street number for a less accurate location.

How do I become a trader?

We require all interested OYOO Business Owners and Social Change Makers to fill in an application to become an OYOO Trader.  To complete the application successfully, we recommend preparing your shipping and returns policy beforehand. Make sure you read our Traders Terms and Conditions before you apply.

Is there a trader help section?

We have created a specific OYOO trader Help section to answer all your questions about becoming a trader and to provide information about adding your products and managing your trader account. You can access this information under ‘trader area’, ‘trader help‘ when you are logged in to your account. If you have any questions, not answered in this section, please email us at [email protected]

Are there age restrictions to buy through OYOO?

Only users of 16 years and over are allowed to use OYOO Market. Please read our terms and conditions to find out more.

How do I make a complaint or provide feedback?

To provide feedback or for a complaint, please email [email protected]

Please note, OYOO does not deal with orders, refunds or returns. You need to contact the seller directly.

OYOO Basics

Can I add OYOO to my device?

Yes, you can add OYOO to your device if you’re using chrome or android. If you’re using an Apple device, you can currently only access OYOO using your web browser.

How do I install OYOO on my device?

If you’re using chrome or android on your device, then you’ll be able to install OYOO as an app. When you first login to OYOO, you should see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen:

Select install.

On desktop you’ll see a notification appear, confirming you want to install the app.

Once installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop and a new window will open which is the app version of OYOO. You can pin the app to your taskbar for easy access too!

On mobile you’ll see a notification appear, confirming you want to install the app.

Once the app has finished installing, you’ll need to go to the app management area on your mobile. Then you can select the OYOO icon and set it to appear on your home screen.

How do I get notifications from OYOO?

You must be logged in to receive real-time notifications from OYOO. You’ll also be alerted of activity by email. You can choose which notifications you receive through your settings in ‘My Account‘.

Can I receive OYOO notifications on my devices?

Yes, it is possible for you to receive notifications when you’ve installed OYOO on your devices. However, the notifications will only appear on the last device you were logged into. When on mobile, you need to close the app window but not log out of it to get notifications. See images below:

On desktop, the notification will appear in the bottom right of your screen.

How do I search for ethical businesses on OYOO?

To find ethical businesses listed on OYOO go to ‘discover’ and then select ‘search members’ from the dropdown. You can search via country, business name, business type, certifications or tags.

Once you’ve entered the search filters press ‘search’ the matching businesses will show up on the map. When you click on their logo their listing information will appear on a new screen.

How can I reset my password?

If you’re logged in and want to update your password, simply go to your ‘My Account’ and select the ‘Password’ tab.

Remember that you’ve changed your password for the next time you login! Don’t worry though, if you do forget you can simply reset the password from the login page.

How do I delete my account?

Under ‘my OYOO’ go to ‘my account’ and then select ‘delete account’. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to delete your account. To go ahead and delete your account you must enter your password again and then press ‘delete account’.

Why can't I access my account?

If you can’t access your account it means you did not adhere to our terms and conditions and that your account has been deleted or suspended. If this is the case, please contact us so we can investigate this at [email protected]

What can I do under 'my account'?

The ‘my account’ section stores your username and email. You can also change your password, update your address, view any product orders, set notifications, see your Oya balance and delete your account. Unfortunately, you cannot change your username once this has been set. If you want to change your username you will have to delete your account and create a new one.

What can I do under 'my profile'?

Under ‘my profile’ you can edit your profile information and update your profile image and banner. Click on the ‘cog icon’ and then select ‘edit profile’. Press the green tick icon when you are finished to save your changes.

Under ‘my profile’ you can also write a social post on your wall, like and comment on other posts, update your information under ‘about’ and see any stories you’ve submitted to OYOO.

You can access your direct messages, view your purchases, see products you’ve reviewed, bookmarks, OYOO badges, view your friends and see the groups you belong to, or start a new group.

Where can I find my Oyas and referral link?

Go to ‘My OYOO’ at the top of the screen, then click on ‘My Account’ from the dropdown list.

Then scroll down to the bottom lefthand side where it says ‘My Oyas’ and select this option.

You can now see your Oyas balance, or transfer some Oyas to a friend. You can also share your unique referral link with friends in order to gain more Oyas.

You can also view your Oyas under ‘my profile’ at the bottom right corner of the page.

What are OYOO badges?

OYOO badges are automatically assigned when you refer members to OYOO using your unique referral link (which you can find in ‘my account’ under ‘Oyas’). When someone you refer signs up to join OYOO you will receive Oyas (OYOO points) and Oyas will get you badges. There are 6 badges to get and when you obtain the last badge you may be entitled to some free prizes!

When you become a member of OYOO you are automatically assigned with your first badge, which is an OYOO Tribe Member badge. This is then followed by the OYOO Earth, Fire, Water and Air badge and lastly you are awarded with our highest badge the Tribe Warrior badge.

All badges will appear on your profile page when you have been awarded with them.

How does bookmarks work?

You can create folders and bookmark your favourite stories, recipes or products. Bookmarks can be made either private or public. To bookmark something, click on the bookmark icon at the top of the page. To find your bookmarks, go to ‘my profile’ and select ‘bookmarks’.

How do I search for other members?

In the main menu select ‘Search Members’. A page will open where all OYOO members are displayed. You can search all members here by name, business name, category, tags and much more. From here you can send friend requests, follow members or even message them privately. Please note the map only shows the locations of the business owners, social change makers or certifications currently on the page you’re viewing.

How do I find or create a social group?

Go to ‘Discover’ at the top of the screen, then click on ‘Groups’ from the dropdown list.

Next, search existing groups using the ‘categories’ or ‘tabs’ boxes. You can also find groups using the ‘all groups’ and ‘my groups’ buttons.

To create a group, select ‘create a group’ and then supply the relevant information.

Why can't I contact a member?

Members can block others from messaging them. To do this, go to the members profile that you want to block, select ‘message’ and select the circle icon with the line through it, top right corner. This member is now blocked and can’t contact you anymore.

How do I report a member?

To report a member, please email [email protected] with the link to the user’s profile page so that we can investigate the matter.

How do I connect with a trader?

You can connect with a trader through the contact form on their shop (when you click on an item on their shop a contact trader form will appear).

Alternatively, you can private message them, follow them or send them a friend request by going to ‘discover’, ‘search members’ and then entering their details and press ‘search’.

Can I buy from multiple traders in one order?

Yes you can. All items you select will be added to your basket and at checkout, the various shipping fees will be applied. Please also note that items may be dispatched at different times so might not arrive all at once.

How do I track my orders?

To track your orders, go to’my account’ and then go to ‘orders’.

How do I return an item or request a refund?

If you would like to return an item or request a refund, please see the seller’s returns / refund policy and contact the seller directly. You can find this information under ‘shipping info’ on the relevant product page.

How do I change my delivery address?

To change your delivery address go to ‘my account’ and then select ‘shipping address’ and enter your new details and press save. Make sure you have the correct shipping address details saved before you purchase an item.

Must my billing address match my payment card address?

Yes, the billing address and payment card address must be the same for verification purposes. The shipping address does not have to be the same.

How do I report a product?

To report a product listing, go to the product and scroll to the bottom of the listing and click on the ‘raise concern’ link. Complete the form which is sent to OYOO to investigate.

How do I review a trader or product?

To review a trader, simply go to the trader’s shop page and click on the link in the bottom right corner of their header image. This will take you to their profile page. Select the star image when you hover over their menu bar and then write your review.

To add a product review go to your own profile and click on the shopping trolley icon in your menu bar. It will display all your purchases. You can then click on the item you want to review and then scroll down and click ‘review’ and then select ‘add review’ to write your review and click ‘submit’.