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Our aim with this 80/20 eating challenge is to reduce our dairy, meat, seafood, sugar, white flour and processed food intake – to get healthier and lose weight.

Here’s what we are giving up and the substitutes we are replacing them with:

  • Coffee will be replaced with herbal teas such as redbush, licorice, calendula and green tea
  • Cow’s milk will be substituted for various alternative milks such as soya milk, almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk and coconut milk
  • Cheddar cheese is a no, but we will allow feta, mozzarella, halloumi, cottage cheese and parmesan in moderation
  • No butter, instead only vegetable oils such as peanut oil, coconut oil and olive oil
  • No white flour products such as bread (apart from sourdough), pasta, flour tortillas, couscous or even white rice, instead we will choose wholewheat or rye bread, wholewheat or spelt pasta, bulgar wheat, brown rice, lentils, barley or quinoa
  • Sugar will be replaced by honey, maple syrup, dates or 85% + dark chocolate
  • Alcohol, only one bottle of wine and on weekends only
  • No fruit juice or fizzy drinks, instead we will have sparkling water or homemade fruit/veg juice
  • Red meat once every two weeks and it must be organic and free-range
  • Fish once a week and only from sustainable sources
  • Chicken twice a week, only free-range and organic
  • No crisps or fatty snacks, instead fruit, nuts and seeds

If you would like to join us, please do so and keep us posted on how you are finding it.

We will be posting healthy recipe ideas throughout the month which you will be able to view on the OYOO recipe page.

We hope at the end of the month to generally feel and look better, have more energy and less weight. We’ll keep you posted!

Please note, this is not a diet designed by a nutritionist or doctor, it is our own eating plan, designed by us and based upon our desired outcomes. We also believe that not everyone is able to become 100% plant-based overnight or may not be able to due to their environmental circumstances, so we hope that this challenge will help reduce meat / fish intake overall, which is beneficial to the planet, and our own health. Our mantra is that we’d rather eat less meat / fish and to spend more on good quality, locally produced, seasonal, naturally reared and sustainably sourced products – exactly how we used to eat in only one lifetime ago. Basically, the more natural and local the better! And avoiding processed foods, whether it’s meat or plant-based is definitely not a bad way to go too. Good luck and please let us know what you think and if you plan to join us! You can comment on this post below (please login to OYOO to do so). 🙂

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