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Become a sustainable home food grower with tips and insights from participating members such as Peace December Uganda and Urban Farm-It.

Learn about sustainable farming techniques you can practice in your own back garden such as aquaponics, hydroponics and permaculture!

Discover practices such as foraging and processes such as fermentation!

Learn about companion planting and when to plant your favorite veggies for the northern and southern hemispheres.

Enjoy healthy recipes using organic, seasonal produce based on 80% plant-based, wholefoods and 20% meat and dairy produce.

Start growing your own food and discover the joy and satisfaction of harvesting your own organic homegrown crops!

Join the OYOO tribe for free by creating your own account and become part of our #naturalliving community.

Why join our tribe?

  • Your free one-stop network to:
  • Find and support ethical and sustainable businesses locally and globally (businesses list for free!)
  • Get rewarded with discounts and special offers from participating businesses
  • Connect with friends – create groups and private message on our 100% green-powered social network
  • Find and share sustainable lifestyle stories and healthy recipes
  • Read and share good news stories about positive change in the world
  • Support and share good causes
  • Learn about the importance of ethical certifications
  • Enjoy an ethical and advert-free platform where your data belongs to you and only you!
  • Support sole traders and artisans through our OYOO Market (coming soon to South Africa, then the world!)

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