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Who’s Behind Green Living SA

Hello, my name is Lezandie de Beer and I am the founder of Green Living SA.

In 2019 I started selling organic hair products part time as an extra income. Then in 2020 after Covid struck and my job in the Hospitality Industry was no more, I decided to open an eco-friendly online store focusing on providing customers with “Greener” products. Products that are natural or organic, that aren’t harmful to our bodies or the Earth.

Since I was young, I have been taught to not waste, to reuse and recycle. But I still used to feel guilty about the amount of trash we have (that can’t be recycled) and that just ends up in landfills. Until now. Now we upcycle most of our household waste like single-use plastics that can’t be avoided and turn it into unique, useful products.
We donate 20% of proceeds from the Upcycle Collection to various NPOs (some of which help the environment even further as they host beach cleanups and implements steps to reduce waste, ensuring a clean, healthy ocean and protecting precious marine life).

Our products now include organic pantry items and plastic alternatives too and we look forward to helping other life a more sustainable lifestyle. We are now an OYOO Trader and you can purchase our items on our shop! See our recent items below.

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