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Which Animal are You?

Try out OYOO’s very own personality quiz! 

Take our fun personality quiz, which is based on Carl Jung’s famous 16 personality test and discover which animal you are.

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When you’ve taken the test and get your result, feel free to use the animal image below for your profile photo (members only)!

All you have to do, to make your animal your profile photo is:

  • Right click over the photo below
  • Select ‘save image as’ 
  • Save it somewhere on your device
  • Go to your OYOO Profile
  • Edit profile (using the cog icon)
  • Upload the image of the animal (make sure it fills the whole square box)
  • Save your Profile

See below the descriptions of each animal you could be!


Badgers prefer to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organised. They are curious and confident but can also be calm and level-headed in a crisis. They tend to enjoy learning and perfecting a craft through their patient application of skills. They are generally tolerant of a wide range of behaviours, but they will voice their firm judgements when their logical principles feel attacked. Though they can be a challenge to read, once you are in their inner circle you can’t escape.

Suitable careers: Surgeon, Firefighter, Civil Engineer, Mechanic, Commercial Designer, Pilot


Chimpanzees are naturally intelligent and enjoy debates with others, being fluent conversationalists. They are usually the first to notice small details and are always ready for new challenges. They adore friends who are ready to debate and keep up with their exciting conversation style. They bond best with someone who uses their intuition as a strength. Chimpanzees, as partners, always look for fun, new things to explore and have an ongoing interest in improving their relationship.

Suitable careers: Law, Politics, Public Speaking, Private Detective, Top Executive, Architect, Reporter, Sociologist


Dolphins are passionate, fun and empathetic. They use their wit, humour and mastery of language to become typically agile and expressive communicators. They are very bright and full of potential and are stimulated by given new challenges to accomplish and more people to meet. They have a unique passion for helping animals and see everyone and everything as a cosmic whole. They are quirky and approach situations with a sense of excitement and joy. They are always up for a cheerful, light-hearted banter, but sometimes even a deep, heartfelt discussion about life. When dolphins are interested in someone, they will hardly hold back and will fall in love quite easily and they will fall hard.

Suitable careers: Graphic Designer, Actor, Anchor, Host, Sales Associate, Digital Marketer, Choreographer


Eagles are natural problem solvers and thoughtful tacticians. They are confident and ambitious and have a reputation for being a walking encyclopaedia. They are sponges for knowledge and can be demanding but reflective. Some of the most powerful people are Eagles such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and almost all of the US Presidents. Eagles look for an intellectual match as much as anyone else. They crave stimulation and betraying an eagle is one of the fastest ways to end your relationship.

Suitable careers: Accountant, Aerospace Engineer, Consultant, Architect, Logistician, Scientist, Programmer, Epidemiologist


Elephants have strong opinions but are far from being closed-minded. They are persuasive and talkative and encourage the growth of others around them. They are very friendly and can make decisions based on logic. They have excellent people skills and thrive on harmony. They will always see the best in others and will generally feel real concern for what people think or want. They are expressive friends and are anything but apathetic about friendships. They are great listeners, leaving their friends feeling valued and understood. They will focus on their partners happiness as much as their own.

Suitable careers: Art Director, Health Educator, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Auditor, Carpenter, Communications Professor.


Foxes are usually the life of the party and bring a sense of energy and boldness to the table. They are straight-forward risk takers who are logical problem solvers. They are emotionally stable, decisive and curious people and are governed by the need for social interaction. They are focused more on the present and are quick to resolve an issue at hand. They would build their friendships based on shared interests rather than emotional connection. As partners, they would be quite flirtatious to keep things exciting.

Suitable careers: Animator, Hotel Manager, Actor, Sales Manager, Detective, Security Guard, Landscape Architect


Giraffes believe in a moral code that puts people first and live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. They are both shy and withdrawn and charming and fun. They truly care about others and rely on their intuition to get information and details. They are sentimental, tactful and diplomatic. They are most drawn to people that they can put all of their trust in and people they can learn and expand their knowledge from. They have intense anxiety from overthinking about how others see them. They are genuine and authentic and very accommodating to others’ feelings.

Suitable careers: Scientist, Psychologist, Writer, Massage Therapist, Environmental Attorney, Human Resources


Koalas tend to be open-minded and nurturing with an easy-going attitude. They are usually creative and empathetic in their nature and will often be found quietly taking in what is around them. They are very non-judgemental and appreciates differences between people. As friends, Koalas will quickly pick up on other people’s motivations and bring it to light. They will always make sure you have a good time. They have a deep connection with their partner because they can be emotionally vulnerable leading them to open up.

Suitable careers: Veterinarian, Chef, Artist, Pharmacists, Nanny, Flight Attendant, Librarian


Lions think of the big picture and strategically think about the future. They love momentum and risks. They have strong leadership skills and are assertive and talkative. Lions have a strong store of personal energy that doesn’t run out easily. They tend to be friends with people who avoid drama and seek personal growth. When Lions try to become friends with you, they will focus all their attention on you which might be intimidating but just means they’re trying to get to know you.

Suitable careers: Accountant, Politician, Lawyer, Civil Engineer, Curator, Business Owner


Owls are orderly and pay a lot of attention to detail. They are self-sufficient and are interested in absorbing new information. They have a great sense of what is right and wrong and feel a strong sense of duty. While they are introverted, they enjoy and appreciate working in teams and are very dutiful and responsible. They are methodical thinkers and are very direct and honest because to them, truth and facts are vital. They are very trustworthy and protective in a friendship. They trust others and are more open to hear others’ ideas and are respectful of someone’s personal space. They are truly dedicated partners and are willing to spend tremendous thought and energy on their relationship.

Suitable careers: Art Director, Private Investigator, Inspector, Military Leader, Bank Teller, Promotion Manager


Pandas tend to be quiet and apply a creative, caring approach to everything they do. They are passionate about their personal growth and those of others. They prefer compassion rather than fault finding and are humane and imaginative beings. They will always support their friends and will stay close to them their whole life. They are capable of strong connections and can let go of insecurities to focus on what matters. They long for the idea of being alone but don’t want to be invisible either.

Suitable careers: Counsellor, Film Editor, Legal Mediator, Psychiatrist


Parrots are lovers of vibrant experiences and charm anyone who engages with them. They are warm and love being the centre of attention. They are thoughtful explorers who thrive in groups of people. They care deeply about what their friends think and want to make them happy and enjoy filling their time with laughter and warmth. As very supportive people, they are eager to please their partner and create a fun, harmonious home.

Suitable careers: Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Nurse, Tour Guide, Interior Designer


Penguins are always motivated to help others and tend to be humble and always focus on getting the job done. They are admired for their natural caring, devoted and kind-hearted personalities. They are reserved yet passionate and value harmony and sensitivity. Penguins would make great friends or partners because they are so positive and supportive and will do almost anything to help you achieve your dreams.

Suitable careers: Personal Assistant, Musician, Childcare Worker, Paralegal, Paramedic, Family Therapist

Polar Bear

Polar bears enjoy time alone and tend to be flexible and good at thinking ‘out of the box’. They are the most independent of the 16 types and have a deep need for freedom of thought. They are easy-going yet private with a colourful inner soul. When polar bears are inspired to embark on an adventure and experience something new, they want to have their best friend with them. Polar bears crave someone who can keep up and truly understand them and build a friendship based on trust.

Suitable careers: College Professor, Accountant, Judge, Business Analyst, Digital Artist


Wolves are quite predictable and courageous. They are well-behaved, law-abiding people who love managing projects and teams They like order and routine and respect hierarchies. Wolves value facts over emotions and are driven, intense individuals. They would be bold and outgoing friends and are often up for an exciting outing with friends. They seek out friends who are just like them and share their routines and hobbies. They are dependable and dedicated partners though they should practice patience and give their partner opportunities to lead the way.

Suitable careers: Stockbroker, Sales Engineer, CEO, Hotel Manager, Pilot, Budget Analyst, Police Officer, Project Manager


Zebras are highly attuned to others using empathy and understanding somebody else’s emotional needs. They are very warm-hearted and down-to-earth. They love to help and support others and are incredibly intuitive and loyal. They are admired for their work ethic and devotion; they are also nurturing and can help maintain a sense of calmness. They will revel in the spotlight but also like to listen to their friends’ problems. A Zebra’s relationship usually grows from mutual respect and reliability.

Suitable careers: Kindergarten Teacher, Event Manager, Film Director, Photographer, Political Science professor, Paediatrician

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