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Colour Has No Relevance

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My intention is to steer this article into the direction of freedom and equality. Having been asked to write an article for Black History Month, I first felt fearful to express the residue of my own experience through the apartheid era. Many thoughts floated through my mind and with each, my heart felt the anger, the resentment, the rejection and the soul destroying of our ancestors.

As we look back on our history as human citizens of this world, we are reminded of the many generations that has struggled through poverty, slavery, incarceration, the death penalty and utter heartache.

I cannot discard the past by just wanting to focus on the progress our ancestors has made, I want to take this time to acknowledge the huge sacrifices they have made to enrich our lives and to ensure the next generations will be far better equipped to further the progress of equality, peace and freedom for all mankind. In the same breath, I too acknowledge all the strong bonds that we formed, the ingenious talents, gifts and quality craftsmanship that flourished out of that era. Many of our mothers and fathers have been at the forefront of incredible change.

Yet there are many of our young people still struggle with their identity and their sense of belonging.
No matter how many centuries ago our fore fathers and mothers suffered through the hard status of superiority and white supremacy the energetic hurt still flows through.

The brutal truth is that, that energy that was experienced through being mentally and physically tortured, beaten, falsely accused and killed had been flowing through this generation too.
Suppressed feelings and conditioning was passed on through our various lineages and it needs to change. It is a wake up call to all of humanity to eradicate the past energetic hurt, through a willingness to forgive the past events, to release the blame and shame from your energetic blue print. This will take an active approach to move through the suppressed energy.

While it is an ongoing necessity to make the necessary changes for a world to represent equality, we as individuals have to give ourselves permission to become sensitive to the needs of others. This world needs humanity as a collective, to heal and transform all the previous hate.

No matter your experiences, you have the choice in each moment to treat yourself and your circumstance mindfully. When we really decide to take the time to slow down and truly look at the reality of life, we will see that as much as we have choices, we are governed by the power that lives inside each of us. We have to learn to choose the highest level of love in each moment. Don’t let the energy of wealth and education segregate you from the energy of creating a world that is filled with compassion, patience and acceptance.

Our responsibility lies within each one of us, to start to see what our past has given us and to use the wisdom of the past as tools to carve the new world for ourselves.
As each one of us take the responsibility to see that each action, no matter how insignificant it might seem to you, has a ripple effect on our entire life force energetically. The state of the world is the way it is because we keep on blaming and shaming each other, throwing egotistic harmful and deadly tantrums around.

You just have to look around you, to see the concrete jungle we live in, the mass production of material junk that has consumed our attention and has taken us far away from what truly matters.

If we continue to keep ourselves in bondage to this way of life…. We are killing our planet and all the life force within it, including you and I.

Do you see now that the colour of your skin will not save our planet and create a supportive humanity if you continue to live in ignorance, greed, manipulation and power control?

We have to look past colour and see humanity, see kindness, see generosity, see compassion, see opportunity for reclaiming love within ourselves and others.

How many of our great leaders conveyed this message of peace, they too had to take their own journey within to come to the same realisation, that we have to make it a daily choice to choose to see that we are all doing our very best. When we can support each other in this way, we will definitely see a new world sooner than we think.

Our past is in our past, the moments we live in, is our future. Nothing is more important now, than the haste to make our peace with our past.

Together we are a mighty force to build, create and expand a mindfulness of willingness in our humanity as well as in our hearts.

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Eloise run courses globally to assist individuals re-discover their essence, re-connect to their deep knowing of who they are. Why they are here and how to maintain their self mastery. Her work in Africa, the UK and Europe has had a profound positive Impact on individuals stepping back into full awareness of how to live and maintain a well balanced life.

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