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Awakening Women in Africa

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Hello beautiful hearts,

Having experienced death, loss, divorce and bankruptcy, I am well placed to understand the many reasons behind women losing their self worth, aliveness and joy.

Why they struggle to trust their intuition and lose site of their worth. Through these experiences I have come to trust that for women to experience financial freedom, connect to their wild innate wisdom and thrive in their child like innocence. It is important to have morality tools.

To naturally give them the emotional ability to re-ignite their self love and create a healthy and positive connection to one another. It is important to start being kind and loving to each other again. Over the last 3 decades, I have combined my gift of sight, strong intuition, diverse life experiences, eclectic cultural and religious heritage with extensive training in self development. To walk the journey with my clients.

I run courses globally to assist individuals re-discover their essence, re-connect to their deep knowing of who they are. Why they are here and how to maintain their self mastery. My work in Africa, the UK and Europe has had profound positive Impact on individuals stepping back into full awareness of how to live and maintain a well balanced life.

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