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We believe that supporting and endorsing certifications around the world is a major step in saving our planet, and improving the lives of animals and us.

Educating people about the purpose of each certification, to empower a person’s choice when they shop, eat or choose a service is a vital part of OYOO’s ethos.

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In taking care of the planet, we take care of ourselves. Many people recognise that living a sustainable life is the quickest path to this goal. OYOO is the connector, the union cradling like minded people, communities and businesses into its circular economy. OYOO enables access to shared knowledge via representatives from Global, trusted, registered and approved certification trademarks and programmes.

Bev LuffCo-Founder

OYOO is a wonderful way to link ethical and sustainable businesses and raise awareness about how important it is we look after our environment and the people who produce the things we love.

Martine ParrySenior Media and PR Manager


Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark (POFCAP)

Cruelty Free International

Cruelty Free International

Beauty Without Cruelty

Pasture for Life Certification Mark

Pasture For Life

RSPCA Assured Certification Mark

RSPCA Assured

Fairtrade Foundation