Join OYOO Earth and the Tribal Wisdom Foundation to celebrate Solstice 2021!

Where will you be this Solstice?

SAT, 19 JUN AT 7:30PM - 9PM UTC+1

Come and join us for a special sharing circle in the OYOO Earth Hut



The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations


SUN, JUN 20 AT 9:41 PM UTC+1

Watch the Stonehenge Sunset Live


MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2021 AT 5:07 AM UTC+1 – 6:37 AM UTC+1

Watch the Stonehenge Sunrise Live


On June 19th we will gather online in the OYOO Earth Hut in a sharing circle from 7:30pm – 9pm BST/UTC+1.

What to expect:

We are honoured to be graced with the presence of Helene Lindmark, Sápmi Máttaráhkká (great-grandmother), Noid, Wisdom Keeper, Healer. Sharing about her path of Sápmi wisdom from Sápmi the northern parts of Sweden, Russia and Finland, walking the path by being Nature, the element of silence and role as Elder. When Helene speaks, it’s like poetry and every sentence is a gentle reminder that the tool to healing is ourselves, that the answers are within us, in and with Nature.

Other Elders from the North are expected to join this sharing circle where you can get a sense and perhaps even see the magical midnight sun, which makes the summer solstice so special for the Peoples of the North.

All welcome to join! Please use the form below to sign-up for the event.

We believe in ‘natural living’ and the healing power of our ancestral traditions. This partnership is the beginning of a journey to bring stories and teachings from knowledge holders all over the world, to the wisdom seekers.

 “Bringing awareness to the solstice traditions and indigenous practices around the world”

We look forward to meeting you on 19th June at the sharing circle!

 Jessica, Krissie and Rejane