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How to make an Eco Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are very common in Africa, as they are efficient and cheap to make.

Ali Tebandeke from the Peace December Uganda project explains here how to make one.

A rocket stove is basically an elbow-shaped design, with 3 defining features.

  • At the bottom end of the elbow is a small opening called the feed, where you add your fire’s fuel.
  • Underneath each hole for the pots to sit on are gaps to allow air to flow in.
  • Then you have a long chimney, which takes away the smoke

You can make rocket stoves out of brick too, there are also modern versions made out of metal.

The positives of building a clay rocket stove are that it reduces smoke and we used local materials – so it’s also eco-friendly and eco-efficient, as they use less fuel to create more heat.

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