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Our Purpose

Say hello to OYOO - One global tribe for natural living.

Driven by a passion to help everyone make a difference by reconnecting humanity with nature, through sharing ancient wisdoms and creating a community that’s inclusive and non-biased.

OYOO means ‘one’. We believe in one global community and that our choices everyday affect each other and the planet. This connectivity is the solution to solving many of the challenges we face in our modern world.

By supporting established certifications, businesses and good causes, that are ethical and sustainable, and creating a circular economy locally and globally, everything and everyone will benefit – OYOO can help everyone achieve this, by bringing like-minded people together. An ethical / sustainable social media platform that promotes natural living practices and supports [indigenous] small businesses / artisans by selling directly through the OYOO Market.

Our Story

We are a small team with a big dream. Based in South Africa, we are creating OYOO in our spare time. We know that no-one can change the world on their own and so we’re looking for like-minded people to join the OYOO tribe. Membership is free as we want to be accessible to everyone. Our story will become your story, as we work together to make our quest a reality and offer opportunities for everyone to benefit through OYOO.