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Our Purpose

To help humanity refind its nature

We aim to:

  • Reconnect humanity with nature: to help people refind their connection with nature and live in harmony with it
  • Empower individuals: OYOO seeks to empower individuals by providing them with knowledge and resources to live a sustainable and natural lifestyle
  • Build a community: to create an inclusive global community of earth-caring people who share similar values and goals
  • Promote ethical and sustainable practices: to support small businesses, artisans, and causes that align with our ethical and sustainable values
  • Advocate for change: we aim to challenge the current consumerist and mass production culture, urging individuals to break free from the hamster wheel and envision a life beyond materialistic pursuits,

We believe that our choices every day affect each other and the planet. This connectivity is the solution to solving many of the challenges we face in our modern world today. OYOO means ‘one’ and so our name is symbolic of our goal – bringing humanity back together with nature.

The meaning of ‘Refind Your Nature’ is to awaken every human’s desire to live in harmony with nature, to slow things down and to remember what makes us feel whole and content.

Which Future do you Choose for our Planet?

Climate Change – sea levels and temperatures rise, increase in human refugees
Natural Habitats – destroyed for homes, farming, mining
Technology – virtual reality replaces real life
Pollution – kills ecosystems and air quality
Food – made in company laboratories
Plants + Animals – mass extinction of species, only see animals in captivity.
Climate Change – reversed due to tree and soil regeneration
Natural Habitats – remaining spaces protected by law
Technology – connects rural communities
Pollution – reduced due to zero waste and renewables
Food – back to natural and local farming
Plants + Animals – all factory farming, zoos, GMOs and animal testing made illegal
Our Vision

Making natural living convenient and accessible for all

OYOO envisions a future where individuals live harmoniously with nature, embracing slow living and sustainable practices. By reconnecting with nature and adopting ancient wisdom, we believe that individuals can find balance and wellbeing.

Why is this so important? Slow living in general means natural living, and it creates a sense of wellbeing, appreciation, and gratitude. It sparks the old flame of sharing with others when you have a surplus, and the simple act of growing food for your own family is empowering. It reconnects the soul with your purpose of living and a respect for nature.

OYOO can help everyone achieve this, by bringing like-minded people together on our independently built platform that promotes and offers courses in natural living practices and supports small businesses / artisans by selling directly through the OYOO Market. Connecting with established certifications, and good causes, that are ethical and sustainable, and creating circular economies on a local level – globally everything and everyone will benefit.

The future is small, local, and restoring balance within ourselves and nature.

Our Structure
Our Team
Rejane Gwynne - Co-founder and Director of Marketing
Krissie Gwynne - Co-founder and Director of Design
Kris Zhuang - Growth and Content Creator

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