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  • Read good news stories about positive change in the world
  • Support / share great causes
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OYOO is a web app to make

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Community-driven, independent from big corporations, a global collection of sustainable and ethical businesses, accessible anywhere by everyone.

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  • OYOO is an ethical social platform (and an advert free zone)
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  • Get an opportunity to be part of the crowdfund campaign
For certifications:

  • Get featured for free
  • Help us educate everyday users on the importance of ethical certifications
  • Access our private business network group and grow your members
  • Educate businesses about your certification
  • Create your own group or join a group!
  • Let’s grow together

OYOO is a growing community

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Our Company Values

Driven by a passion to help everyone make a difference to each others lives and nature

OYOO means ‘one’. We believe in one global community and that our choices everyday affect each other and the planet. This connectivity is the solution to solving many of the challenges we face in our modern world.

By supporting established certifications, businesses that are ethical and sustainable, and creating a circular economy locally and globally, everything and everyone will benefit – your OYOO community web app will be the first step in helping everyone achieve this.

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